New Email Account

new mail account

If you are an average person who has a registration on one or two websites such as YouTube or Facebook, or if you are a professional with multiple mailing lists and accounts, it is vital to use a good mail service.

It is a fact that their presence is very important in this age of technology. If you want to have an impact on your business or grow your social circle, you will have to rely on a service like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. These websites require that you register on the Internet through an email account. Even when the information is used, you should trust email as your main source of communication. Having a good email provider that can provide a stable and affordable service is vital to avoid many headaches.

Even though most commercial communications have moved slowly to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, email is still the standard for large companies and the self-employed. Many times it is not necessary to pay for an effective email service. Although the subscription is a Pro version of an email unlocks some useful tools, such as extended filters and mailing lists, good email services come with a pre-packaged package of tools that are usually sufficient. Some of these tools are: spam filters, storage space, storage and an application or desktop client.

TOP 5 free email services for 2019


new email account

Arguably the most popular email service for 2018, Google managed to approach e-mail and instant messaging in a package in an orderly fashion.

It is worth mentioning from the beginning that Gmail is very easy to use. The interface was designed for easy-to-use navigation with each panel shown. The most frequent tools you will use, such as the input tray, the output tray and the trash can, are on the left. The most advanced tools are on the right. This separation facilitates the distinction between the different tools and focuses on what you need at this time.

Gmail has an impressive amount of email storage for a free subscription: 10 GB. This means that you can store and classify emails without worrying about running out of space. There are different premium plans available for those that require more space. These are optional updates. It is important to mention that Google does not force the updates in its throat. In some reviews of free emails, it is quite common to see pop-ups or spam messages that prompt a user to take the step towards an update. Here, everything depends on you. 10 GB is usually enough for a regular user to store their emails. Even if you decide to upgrade the lower premium package, it only costs approximately $ 5 for 50 GB of storage space.

In addition to email, Gmail offers a built-in chat that allows the communication of text, voice and video messages. It’s like having Skype embedded in your email. It is very useful if you are managing a business and have email and social networks.

As an additional business, we would like to mention the possibility of using your private domain as your email. As soon as you can prove that your Doman ( belongs to you, Google will connect your email to the domain so that it looks like – This option is incredibly useful for Freelancer, which operates its own business and is looking for something cheap and efficient. (formerly Hotmail)

Formally known as Hotmail, is the reinvented email service that accumulates from where Hotmail left off. Before being renamed, Hotmail had more than 324 million users after 16 years of existence. Launched on July 31, 2012, Outlook has approximately 300 million active users. While Hotmail and the old Outlook were based on applications for PC and Mac, was designed for cloud storage and the use of smartphones. This means that there are no emails on your device. This was a bold choice on the part of Microsoft, as it was one of the first email services to disappear with local storage. Each user gets 25 GB of free cloud storage with the option to subscribe to a premium plan. Although it is a storage in the cloud, the user has the option of making a backup of his email on a local device for custody or file purposes.

The web interface has been messed up to free up space for the most important tools the user needs. There are less annoying ads and intermittent pop-up windows. While Hotmail had a serious problem with Internet privacy in the form of advertisements and frequent pop-ups, has disappeared with this problem.

In addition to a new interface, has made important additions to its features. There are new email filters that allow users to select which email will have priority in their inbox. You can order your email according to the category. Microsoft developed a new privacy protection algorithm that severely reduces spam. There are also filters that determine which emails are considered junk mail and, instead of having them messed up in your inbox, you send them directly to the Trash.

Yahoo! Mail


Yahoo! Mail is one of the most popular free email providers that exist. It offers unlimited storage to all users so you do not have to worry about running out of space. Based on the popular search engine, Yahoo! Mail was created with powerful filtering tools that give you total control over what happens in your Inbox. I do not want to see a particular person: send them to Cyber ​​Hell with the powerful spam filters. Do not you want to lose that important email of your new job? No problem, just add the extension @ to the privacy filters and the email will appear at the top of your Inbox each time.

In addition to an incredible free email service, Yahoo! Mail allows you to send up to 100MB in files in a single email. This means that you can archive most files to reduce their size and then send them by email, if there is no other file sharing software available.

iCloud Mail


iCloud Mail is a free email provider from Apple for MAC and Apple devices. It offers large storage capacity (up to 50 GB) with the option to buy more on the line. The interface is clear as is common in most Apple products. What distinguishes it from other free email providers is the focus on essential tools. We have the common spam filters and the priority folders, but they are in a drop-down menu somewhere. All you see on the screen when you start the application is the Inbox and Outbox folder. You can add more options to the interface if you use them, but Apple focuses on reducing clutter and removing ads and pop-up windows, so you should search to find them.

Something worth mentioning is that iCloud Mail does not have search folders: search options and filters, such as classification and spam, assume that role. iCloud does not support email migration. If you want to migrate all your Gmail emails to the Apple service, you can not do it.

Zoho Mail

      new email account

Unlike Gmail and Apple IMail, which mostly cater to occasional and everyday users, Zoho’s free mail is aimed at professionals or people trying to expand their existing business. Zoho has integrated notes, calendar and instant messaging. These work similarly to other email providers. It is relatively easy to configure and manage even from the average user.

What sets it apart from other email providers is the absence of pop-ups and advertising. Zoho mail is proud of not reading your emails for market research. It is a known fact that most email providers use keyword scanning algorithms that analyze their popular keyword emails. Then they use those scans for marketing purposes. Zoho is completely transparent when they say they do not violate their privacy.

Depending on your needs and professional goals, there are many free email providers that you can use. Some are more professional and others with tools that allow you to combine a domain into an email or order important business emails at the click of a button. In any case, if you are looking for a free email that allows you to move calmly through all your communications, one of the providers mentioned above will be right for you.