New Gmail Account

First launched in 2004 as an extended five-year beta version, Gmail was released to the public in 2007 and immediately exploded in popularity. Google’s first flagship service since the debut of its search engine in 1998, Gmail now has over 1 billion monthly users, is available in 72 languages, and is unquestionably the new standard for free email services.

Built to compete against webmail veterans Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, the service has offered vast storage, a streamlined interface, instant search and a host of other features from the start. A minimalist design makes it easy to tailor your inbox to your needs, while different labels filter spam and intelligently separate different types of emails. The service also features a priority inbox system that automatically identifies important messages.

New Gmail Account

Gmail is available for both PC and mobile and an account provides access to all other Google products like Google Drive, YouTube and Google Plus. Gmail makes it easy for users to stay connected across multiple devices, making email management for both personal and professional use more convenient than ever before: instant, synchronized mail from anywhere in the world.

Ready to sign up for a new Gmail account? Get onboard with the market leader by following these hassle-free steps and you’ll have your own Gmail account set up within minutes.

How to create a new Gmail account

1. Go to Since you aren’t signed into an account, Google will redirect you to its account signup page.

2. Click to create a new account. You’ll find the “Create an account” link under the sign in section.

Gmail: "Create an account" button

3. Enter the required information. Google will now take you to the signup form, where you’ll need to provide some basic information like your first and last name and birth date. You’ll also have to enter your telephone number, location, and your current email address.

Fill the form to get your new Gmail

You’ll also be asked to choose a username and password. Your Gmail username will be used to create your email address: Your username can also be used to sign in to Google’s suite of additional services. If the username you want is already taken, Google will prompt you to choose a new one.

Make sure you choose a strong password to keep your account secure. Use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols for enhanced security. Need help? Check out these tips on creating a secure password.

4. Check that everything you’ve entered is correct. Google will show you a message with details about what you need to do if there is an error with any of your information.

5. Review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Click the check box if you agree with Google’s policies and then click “Next step”.

6. Set your recovery options. Google will now prompt you to set up your email recovery options. These are used if you forget your password or if someone tries to hack into your account. This step is not mandatory, however, and if you want to set up recovery options at a later time, click “Done”.

Gmail account welcome

7. Welcome to Gmail! You’re now signed up for a new Gmail and have access to all that your account has to offer, from emails to YouTube to Google Plus. You’ll be automatically signed into your new account and can start exploring and customizing your inbox by editing your labels or changing the theme.

Need to sign out? If you’ve picked an avatar, locate it at the top right of the page; if not, your first initial will appear in a circle. Click the circle and select “Sign out”.

New Gmail Account
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