Gmail Password Recovery

Forgotten your password? Can’t access your Gmail account? You came up with a hard-to-hack password: you’ve used a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to safeguard all your important information safe. But it’s more difficult to keep track of complex passwords, and forgetting them can be a huge inconvenience. Not to worry: Google’s got you covered with its Gmail Password Recovery process.

Simply follow these quick and easy steps to recover your Gmail password. Google provides a number of options to get you back into an account: if you have an associated phone number or alternate email address, Google can reset your password for you. You can also answer a series of security questions to verify your identity and recover your account.

Recover or reset your Gmail account password

1. Visit Google’s Account Recovery page.

If you forgot your password but have a phone number or alternate email address associated with your account, visit to open the Account Support page. Enter you Gmail address to start gmail password recovery process.

                                                     gmail password recovery

You can also go to and click the “Need help?” link under the “Sign In” button. If you don’t remember your username, select that option instead.

2. Enter your password.

Enter the last password you remember and click “Next”. If you don’t remember your password, click “Try a different question”.


3. Choose your gmail password recovery option.

Google will direct you to a page where you can choose how you want your recovery details sent to you. A number of options are available:

gmail password recovery


  • You can choose a prompt sent to your phone. Click on “Send prompt” if you want your recovery information sent to your phone. If you don’t want this option, click on the “Try a different question” link.
  • If you have 2-step authentication enabled for your Gmail account, you can receive a verification code on your associated phone via a text message or phone call. Choose the “Send text message” or “Get a call” option. You can also click on the “Try a different question” link for more options.
  • The next option will prompt you to enter the recovery email you have associated with your account. Google will send an email with a one-time verification code to the address you provided. Follow the link in the email from Google to reset the password to your Gmail account. Alternately, click the “Try a different question” link if you prefer a different option.
  • A new prompt will ask you to answer a security question to recover your Gmail password. This is a question that you formulated when you created your account. Enter your answer in the space provided and click “Next”. You can also click the “Try a different question” link if you don’t remember the answer to the question.
  • Google will ask you to enter the month and year you created your Gmail account to verify that the account is yours. Choose the correct month and year and click “Next” or follow the “Try a different question” link to choose a final option.
  • The final account verification method uses another email address to verify your account. Enter an email address that you can access, preferably an email you already have associated with your account. Google will send a verification code to that email. Enter the verification code in the space provided. If Google can verify that the account belongs to you, you’ll see instructions to follow to help you sign in.

gmail password recovery


Are you more of video? Do not worry we leave you a tutorial that explains step by step how to recover the gmail password