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New Google Account

Youtube, Google Play, Gmail, Google+, Google Calendar and Google Drive; all these platforms require you to have a Google account. In this day and age it’s virtually impossible no to have a Google account if you want to be able to access any of the most widely used services on the Internet. But don’t worry, it’s a fairly straightforward process. You’ll be asked to follow the menus provided and type in some personal information that Google will use to setup your Google account. This information includes things like: Full Name, Age and Location.

If you, like many before you, have struggled in your setup and creation, look no further. Follow this guide and the accompanied tips and tricks and you’ll be all set.

Tip: If you already have a Gmail account setup, you won’t need to create a new Google account. Gmail accounts automatically create a Google account. The process is valid for the vice-versa. If you create a Google account, you’ll automatically receive a Gmail account.

How to set up a new Google account

Create a new Google account

  • Navigate to the Google account page or and click on Settings. Use your mouse wheel and scroll down to Accounts. Tap on the Add Accounts button. It’s a small plus shaped icon at the top right side of the screen. Locate and tap on the Google button, followed by the Create Account button.
  • The Sign Up Page will be displayed. Review all the necessary information that you will need to provide. Fill out the fields with your Username, Password, Gender and Age. When prompted for your password, choose a powerful but easy to remember password. A combination of Uppercase, Lowercase and numbers works best.
  • New Google account

  • You have the option of adding a phone number to your account. The number you provide will be used to verify and protect your account in case there are any violations or attempts at accessing your private information.
  • You’ll be directed to a page where you can Add a Photo. We advise you do this if you will be using your profile professionally. If you don’t want to set up a photo at this time, just click the Next Step button and you will be redirected.
  • With this your Google account has been created. Make sure you write down on paper or some other source your credentials for safekeeping. In case you are unable to access your account, Google Support can help you retrieve access.

Additional tips and tricks

Keep your identity, privacy and information secure. Ever share personal or sensitive information with anybody but yourself. Passwords are very easy to steal. Most people use simple passwords, like their birthdate or the name of their dog, followed by 1234. We discourage you from doing that, you will end up having your email hacked.

You don’t have to use your real name to setup your Google account, but keep in mind that this will be the name associated with your Google account from now on. Refrain from using personal or sensitive information, or profanities. Google tend to Ban or Disable accounts with offensive information in their profiles.

Google’s Privacy policy is rather complex. We advise you do some research to get yourself informed. As a baseline, any information that you decide to make public or put in any of Google’s platforms will be used for marketing and research purposes. Similarly to youtube, whatever videos you are browsing will be used to generate content that is similar to those videos. This is a type of aggressive marketing that companies use to generate revenue.

Make sure you review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. People skip these like it’s the plague, but it’s usually a very good idea to learn to at least skim over the information. Nobody is making you sit through 100+ pages of legal texts, but having a general knowledge of what you’re actually agreeing to is a good idea. This tip can be applied to most services that require your consent.

Possessing a Google account gives you a lot of freedom to access and take part in some of the most useful platforms and software that google has to offer. Even if you don’t like having your personal information on the “web”, you can’t avoid leaving an imprint for long if you want to be able to connect with the rest of the world.

We hope this guide has been useful and informative. As always, take the time to educate yourself on the proper techniques for Internet Safety when managing your Google account.

New Google Account
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