VK Sign Up

VK is a social network that isn’t so much popular on the West, yet more and more Western users tend to complete the VK sign up procedure and get their accounts created on this website. VK, which is also known as vk.com or Vkontakte, appears to be a Russia-based social network that has gained in popularity in recent years. And while this service initially targeted the audience of the post-USSR countries, more and more users from all over the world tend to sign up for this service.

Actually, there are quite solid reasons to sign up for this social network. This website, for example, allows the users to listen music right within the network. On the other hand, it requires all the users to provide their phone numbers in order to create accounts on VK. So, if you have faced issues while attempting to sign up for VK, follow our guidelines and get your account created with ease!

vk sign up

You need to start filling out this VK sign up form in order to create an account on this social network

  • At first, you should launch the browser of yours and access the following webpage: https://www.vk.com/.
  • On the right side of the VK page, you will get to see two forms – you need to use the form that is located below.

sign up for vk

If you wish to complete the VK sign up procedure, you should type your mobile number in the provided field and click here

  • Start filling out the VK sign up form. There, you need to enter your first name in the first field and your last name in the second field. Then, you should provide your date of birth and gender. After all, you have to click on the “Sign up” button.

vk.com sign up

Once you have entered a confirmation code in the given field, click on this button

  • Immediately after that, you will be redirected to the webpage where you will be asked to provide your phone number. There, you need to select your country in the first field. Then, type your phone number in the second field and click on the “Get code” button.

sign up for vk.com

Now, you have to specify a password for your VK account and click on this button

  • Following it, you will receive a verification code as an SMS message. Once you have obtained the code, enter it in the new field (that has just appeared) and click on the “Confirm” button.
  • Right after that, the page will display a new field again. There, you should enter a password for your future VK account. After you have done that, click on the “Join VK” button.

create vk account

Once you have got to see a webpage similar to this one, it implies that you have successfully completed the VK sign up procedure

  • Once you have done that, you will get to see the webpage of your VK account. That means that you have just completed the VK sign up procedure.

Besides, you can also learn how to complete the VK sign in procedure and how to create an account on VK.