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Email is part of our daily lives. Even though we have more alternatives to communication than we did years ago (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), big businesses and smaller Freelancer still use email as the default channel for communication. It doesn’t look like email is going to be disappearing anytime soon so we might as well educate ourselves on how to have the best service and how best to utilize the tools we have.
Yahoo Mail is one of the top free email providers available to the general public. It features a handy set of tools and filters that make receiving, sending, and sorting through email effortless. It is an intuitive and easy to use platform.
Why should you be using Yahoo Mail?
1. Users can completely block incoming emails.
Is there a user you just can’t stand or someone who is constantly harassing you with spam email? Yahoo mail allows you to completely get rid of that user. By banning someone’s username you will never receive another email from them. As an added bonus, you can ban several usernames at the same time. This is particularly handy if you are being spammed by a group of fake profiles.

2. Well-known brand with a powerful search engine.
Yahoo has been around for almost as long as Google. It has staid a relevant search engine throughout the years. Yahoo mail builds up on that search engine and applies a lot of the filters, algorithms and ideas behind the famous search engine.

3. Anti-Spam filter
Yahoo Mail offers a very secure spam filter. A user can adjust the level of sensitivity they are comfortable with. The email algorithm will then use relevant keywords to try and minimize the amount of spam a user receives. These filters are enabled by default but they are set to the minimum security level. The user will have to set them to the desired level manually.

4. Free email storage with ability to upgrade to a paid plan.
Yahoo email offers free cloud storage for your emails and files. Users will be able to use up to 199GB of cloud storage if they subscribe today. There is the option to upgrade to a paid membership for an unlimited storage amount should the user express interest.

5. Customer Support
Yahoo support has won numerous rewards for their excellent support service. They are available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat. We recommend the email option as it is the one that seems to get the most attention.

Cons –
1. Advertisement and Spam
Like most free email providers (aside from Apple iMail), Yahoo mail has built-in commercials to the sides of your email Inbox. This is not a big problem as the commercials are mostly static pictures that are easy to ignore. It can, however, sometimes be distracting if you are reading a newsletter from your Church and there is a commercial for Viagra next to you.

2. No App or Device client
Yahoo Mai is a web based email provider. Your emails will be stored on a cloud server. There is no way to download an app or a Desktop version so that you can browse your email offline. There is, however, the option to download your email from the cloud and store them locally.

Yahoo free email is a decent email service that lets you have a moderate control over your emails. It is free so you do not have to worry about any hidden costs. Yahoo doesn’t push their marketing plan on to you so you never feel pressured to upgrade. The biggest problem yahoo Mail suffers from is the existence of Ads in your email Inbox. It isn’t a big deal as they don’t have any video or sounds, but it can be distracting and sometimes offensive. There is no way to switch off the ads. Overall it is a good email service and something we feel we can recommend.

How to Set-up a Yahoo Mail account?
Setting up a Yahoo Mail account is not that difficult. Here are 10 steps that are easy to follow.
1. Type Yahoo Mail in your search browser.
2. Click on Mail.
3. You will be redirected to a Sign in section. If you have an account you can proceed to logging in. If this is your first time creating a Yahoo Mail account, proceed to Create Account. This will show you a page where you will need to fill out some information in order for yahoo to create your free email account.
4. Fill out your First and Last name.
5. You will then be asked to provide a unique username. The username is the email address that will appear before ‘’. Try not to give out sensitive information in the unique email address. Sensitive information can refer to: passwords, age, credit card number, or street address. Do not input offensive or derogatory terms in your email as the Yahoo system might flag your IP address and ban you from their email platform.
6. Choose a unique password.
7. Fill out your current Phone Number.
8. Fill out your date of birth.
9. Finally, read through the Terms and Conditions and click on Create Account.
10. If everything is ok you will be forwarded to a Congratulations page. If there were some irregularities with your registration, a red text mentioning the issue will appear on screen. Fix the problem and move on to creating your account.

Simple Yahoo Mail troubleshooting
Sometimes things break or refuse to work. A simple restart usually fixes the issue but is not a guarantee. Here is a short list of the most common Yahoo Mail issues and simple guides on how to fix them.

1. Cannot access Yahoo Mail or the email website is loading too slow.
Sometimes the browser you are using might be conflicting with the Yahoo servers. It is recommended you use Firefox or Chrome when trying to access your yahoo Mail. Do not use Internet Explorer when using yahoo Mail. Internet Explorer no longer supports any yahoo products. Make sure the browser has been updated to the latest version. Clear out any Cookies or Cached Data from the browser as that might also be conflicting with the yahoo website cookies.
If clearing the cache and cookies doesn’t work, make sure that JavaScript is enabled. If it is disabled you will see a small pop-up on the right side of your browser.

2. Cannot send or receive emails.
If you are experiencing difficulty sending emails or your emails are not received properly, try one of these solutions:
a) Check the spelling of the email address. The most common reason for email issues is a misspelled email address.
b) Close down your yahoo Mail and Restart your computer. Try logging back in to Yahoo Mail. Check your Sent folder for the email. If it is empty, try and send it again.
c) Ask the recipient if they have received the email. Ask them to check their Spam folder and to make sure they haven’t enabled Advanced Privacy.
d) Make sure your email address is not in the Blocked Email List.

3. Receiving too much spam.
Being the target of a Spam attack can be very annoying. Sometimes spam isn’t just spam, but Phishing scams trying to extract valuable information from you. Luckily there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of spam you receive.
a) By consistently marking and reporting emails as Spam you are essentially teaching the Yahoo Mail algorithm to recognize spam emails. In time the unwanted emails will reduce in quantity.
b) Make sure your email isn’t subscribed to online mailing lists. It is quite common when you subscribe to a service (Facebook, Forums, or Twitter) that you accidentally enable ‘Mailing List Verification’. This adds your email address to a series of mailing lists that periodically send you Spam.
4. Missing Emails.
If some of your emails or contacts are missing from your Yahoo Email, you can submit a Recovery Request to Yahoo. The Customer Service agents will do their best to recover the content for you. Keep in mind that:
1. Emails and Contacts deleted more than 7 days ago cannot be recovered.
2. There are no guarantees that emails or contacts will be recoverable.
3. There are no fees for Recovery.
4. Before submitting a Recovery request, search through your Trash folder.

New Yahoo Account
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